Do you travel for weddings?

I do travel locally in the Jacksonville area for weddings . I will travel out of state for weddings, provided a contract and travel fee. 

How do I book with you?

If you’d like to book a hair or makeup consultation/appointment with me you can simply email me at or text me at (305) 202-4515.

What extensions do you use?

I do wear extensions ! I have the option to use many brands. I currently am wearing SoCap extensions. 


What products do you use at your salon?

At my salon I used a blend of products , for hair color I am highly trained in the use of Goldwell, Wella And Shades - but do not limit myself to any other brand options. For haircare products, we use Davines, IGK, EVO, Brazilian Blowout and Bond3Builder.

Are you a brand ambassador for any companies?

I am a brand ambassador for a few companies, and love exploring options to representing more of my favorite brands!