A nature retreat / Natural jewelry

Nature Heals. And it would be a total understatement to say that Chad I were not totally overdue with a weekend alone. When planning a trip like this he starts off asking me where to go…like he doesn’t already know the answer! I choose the beach- he wants the woods! This time I gave in…not that I don’t love the woods…I just always like the sand and having a tan…and a drink in my hand . haha. He chose the beautiful place of Boone , and a hippie vibe place at that!! A weekend that involved Crystals, streams of water, steep windy curves of mountain tops leading to mile high bridges. A weekend of shooting stars while skinny dipping in the hot tub , netlfix binging and exploring the cutest towns in the high country.

jord watch.

jord watch.

This is a weekend I took moments to stop thinking of work, getting ahead, what my kids were doing, what my husband was thinking, how I looked, or what anyone thought. I gave thanks all weekend long. I cant even bring myself to tell you how I did it. But I did and I honestly feel like I came back to my loving children feeling more full of spirit , hope and faith in myself as a real human full of big dreams and capability. Chad and I read a few books, made some goals and reminisced over time we have spent the last almost 9years together. Reflecting in happiness that we haven’t done in SO long!

Normally too on a long ride home I would be making notes of how I was going to get everything '“done,” Planning my year of attack towards these great premonitions….this time I sat, listened to a wonderful book , had light hearted conversations with my husband and kids and for once didn’t think about all things I hate doing. I focused on the adventure I had just been on and how all of my plans are planning themselves out. My frequency of love and energy will come with appreciation of everyday. period. being thankful for all the elements around me . good or bad, everything in my life has had such a purpose and connection to me. All power and willing to be positive about the good and bad, all with intentions to change me daily . Love and nature does heal.


While we hiked through trails or sipped on home brewed beer, I got to enjoy another beautiful piece of nature . Made of Eastern European wood in a walnut grain. This is where (my favorite) a large classic unisex watch meets natural modern craft. I actually am super picky about what jewelry I wear. I am constantly roughing it outside, with the kids, our new chickens, doing yard work—-and when Im on the clock, Im a full time hair and makeup artist. This piece of art made from real wood is such a great piece of art. After all thats what I live for. Being around the trees and nature this weekend made me appreciate how rare and invaluable not only times is but the gorgeous craftsmanship. This Jord watch is a new favorite for this season in my life. Where this weekend time stood still, now that I’m home I need a reminder that its of the essence.

Stephanie Waltrip