Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween! I wrote this blog in my head one year ago. Georgia was a flamingo… it sad thats the only costume I remember? Yep my brain is mush.

It had already been Im sure a rowdy day at school, they all came home with a tiny hand out bag of candy (half eaten) in their bookbags. And for one moment, I thought , should there be anymore? Am I depriving them of all of the amazing trick or treating memories I shared with my cousins, going to their neighborhood and using a pillow case instead of a plastic pumpkin head? Shouldn’t we just go home, snuggle on the couch, enjoy the rest of the sugar daddys in their back packs and talk about their fun day? Instead we trudged on, went home and quickly changed , then off to our friends for a glass of wine , took photos and walked to our other friends house from there for a little pizza party and group trick or treating.


Im writing many of these blogs so I can reach mothers that have similar anxiety or rather any relation to me with parenting but especially now having a 7 year old with autism while raising a 4 and 2 year old. Side note, I have never experienced alot of anxiety. So these last few years has been something I have had to get used to. Also learning my autistic child. And finally learning when to trust my gut !! This was not one of those times where I listened to myself.


Im sure like many parents I envisioned Halloween with my friends sipping something yummy out of my yeti while letting our wild babes run from home to home , maybe pulling a few young ones in a small wagon behind. For all you mothers that are sitting this year out due to some crazy ass behavior from years prior I toast you. I toast you from my couch this year. I have announced to them that we are having a family Halloween party. Chad and I will be dressing up (in something…) Im pretty sure Georgia will be a princess, Knox a dragon and Wyatt a knight. (there will not be balloons due to a slight obsession Wyatt has to filling them with water) but I will attempt some inside decorating to make it feel like a legit party, I will also try to bribe a few family friends to stop by after their trick or treating!


It may take a village to raise a child. But it takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of any village.

As of last year lets just say we were at our good friends home for a total of 15 minutes, Chad and I combined couldn’t keep up with how fast Wyatt was running from room to room and how loud he was yelling. Knox was so sad and Georgia was just crying because she always follows Knoxys lead. haha. Praying for a heartache free year for us……. and eating candy after kids go to bed ….

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