Rituals For Me.

If you get tired , learn to rest, not to quit.

I love my work. I love work in general. I have lazy days…well I used to before kids. I try to have lazy days now and my kids and laundry laugh at me. But long ago before kids I loved to be busy working. I worked in a salon, I waited tables, and I sang in a band while I went to cosmetology school! Ha! Such a ridiculously tired fun part of my life. Looking back now busy in a different mess I wondered how I did it all. And now I see and talk to amazing accomplished women daily - and they ask me how I do it all? I don’t feel like I do at all. I don’t even feel like Im close to skimming the surface. Sometimes I even get carried away watching other women wondering if they secretly get more hours in a day than me. Haha, Im aware thats not true , but dang! How are they doing it all!?


Then I realized something really interesting . They aren’t doing it all. They are doing all they need to keep them happy with the craziness of life, and then some extra things if need be. The women I look up to are healthy, in every aspect of the word. A healthy marriage, taking care of their bodies, speaking positive words to others, giving themselves self love, and one more thing. They are taking one moment to themselves daily. This is something I used to have a long time ago. I never realized how valuable this time was because I was used to an abundance of alone time.

I had a conversation with a great client the other day. She informed me she had been suffering from a bit of depression, which led her to her obgyn. After explaining everything to her trusted doctor she stopped and said this: before I prescribe you anything I’m going to ask you to do this first. If this doesn’t work we will move on to the next option. I want you to take a mandatory 15-45 minutes a day to yourself. I know it may seem impossible , but this needs to turn into your number one on the priority list. I don’t care what you’re doing, but I would suggest a nice walk alone outside praying, or just talking to God. Sip tea on your back or front porch, in a quiet spot with a pretty view. Or take a long bath.


When my client told me this, it hit home. I hear people say make yourself a priority all of the time, but never in small intentional ways everyday. I thought it meant once a month go get a massage or actually keep up with your nail appointments Stephanie! Since this advice , I have found it is harder said than done still. I have to seriously not make it an option for me, because I’m convinced…. as soon as this is done…as soon as the laundry is all folded…as soon as the dishes are all clean… no. Because here I am the next day, again doing it all over again. Somehow those small pockets of time take me to another place and remind me that the days feel long but such time is short. Im in harder seasons with young beautiful babies, and a husband to nurture as well. I have started to reflect on everything that makes me happy instead of rushing to get it all done in a day (Im beyond bad at this habit) I feel as though Im naturally an optimist, but daily struggles can dim my light very quickly. These moments alone are opportunities to recharge the battery.

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